I’m on the newest Magnificast episode!

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 2.04.30 PM

Friendly Fire at the Richard Spencer protest in East Lansing, Michigan

Hi F/friends!

Wanna hear me (and Katherine, Friendly Fire Collective member and host of Friendly Anarchism) talk about Quakerism, Christian anarchism, the Friendly Fire Collective, and the May Day retreat in Philadelphia? Well, we were invited on the Magnificast to do just that. Listen to their newest episode, “Gettin Friendly“.

It was such a blast to talk to Matt and Dean. Not only do they host this awesome podcast, which has been such a gift to the forming Christian Left, but they are also actively revitalizing the Christians for Socialism movement. Really, it was honor to be on their show.


Also, if you want more information on the retreat, check out the collective’s wordpress. Applications are due March 29th!

A movement is brewing of Christians who are willing, ready, and excited to embody Jesus together as a prophetic, apocalyptic, and revolutionary community. Thank God.

In the Light,
Hye Sung

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