To the White Liberal Church


I’m glad you don’t hate gay people. I’m glad you think Black Lives Matter. I’m glad you’re inclusive, welcoming, affirming – I’m glad you’re the good kind of religious people.

But you’re not.

A lot of us had to learn that the hard way.

We had to learn that we were counted as members in order to reach a quota. We were present so the pastor, the church, the denomination, looked good. Open-minded. Liberal. Progressive.

Our gifts were used, flaunted even, and we were constantly affirmed. Told we were needed, necessary, and we were thanked. Over and over again. For what? For showing up. Without saying a word, we were counted prophets.

Until we noticed how you spoke to our immigrant mothers in broken English, or that your missions program was deeply problematic, or that the whole staff was white – and we said something. And then, we were no longer told we were prophets. Instead, we were trouble.

Sometimes we were patted, thanked for speaking our truth, told our words mattered and that they’d spill into the board meeting. But nothing happened. We were just politely hushed.

And then so many of us realized what was happening, wondered why are we even here anyway?

We fell in love with Jesus – who centered and glorified those on the margins. We fell in love with Jesus, but maybe not your Jesus.

It felt good to hear his words from the pulpit, it set fire under our feet, a burning in our chest, but then we looked around the congregation and wondered who here would die for me?

And when we realized that we couldn’t be confident that our fellow church members would share their wealth, their privilege, or their lives with their siblings in Christ, that’s we also realized they probably aren’t our siblings. And this is probably not a church. At least not the one Jesus formed.

We want the Church of Jesus. A church that feeds the hungry, frees prisoners, cancels debts. A church that is aware and awake to the suffering around them and determined to dismantle and destroy every system causing this suffering. A church led by and for those so often pushed down and out. A church that embodies Love, a church that embodies Jesus.

That’s not what you offer. Your seminaries, your liturgies, and your churches weren’t made for us. Not even your gospel is for us. I’m not the only one that’s left the white liberal church, and I won’t be the last. We’re done with your churches and we’re not coming back. And I’ll let you know – we’re finding each other and we’re building something better. Truer.

7 thoughts on “To the White Liberal Church

  1. Albert HAHN says:

    Can you share what your post white liberal church journey looks like? Very interested in knowing how you are seeking to build something better and truer.


  2. The journey of your consciousness and conscience being led out of identification with and participation in those outward forms that are discovered to you as out of the Life is a blessing. Hold to the Life itself in itself in your conscience and it will be further discovered to you, through the inshining Refining Fire, a conscience and consciousness that is no longer guided and informed by outward political contrivances like White Pirivilege. When all outward identification with and participation in outward religious and political institutional and intellectual constructs are given over or laid down through eternal watchfulness in the inshining Light itself, the spirit of judgementalism will pass away beyond the horizon of the soul and eternal peace and freedom made manifest. Then, there is a walking away devoid of castigation, condemnation, judgementalism through an inward confidence and joy which is come into the embrace, rule, and guidance of inshining Presence itself in itself.


  3. God starts with people as-is, goes on creating them/us from there. The figurative-Pharisees you shall always have with you; even if you try to exclude everyone but the poor & pure of heart you will find them eagerly joining up and taking control.

    It’s about loving, and love is always about actual people, not about anybody’s Wish-We-Weres. We’re actual people ourselves, and said to be worth many sparrows.

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  4. adblogkorea says:

    I am interested in your comprehendings of the Holy Spirit dear one and wish to communicate in private if you will. Know me not but your father and mother I know well.

    A brother in Jesus


  5. Frank Frivilous says:

    The common experience is that institutions are just as easily compromised as individuals are. Agree with the sentiment to do and be better with Christ and hoping this disseminates to the community, etc by extension. Your friend, Frank F


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